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A young at heart, Shivaay International is constantly innovating, a trendsetter in embroidery, designing and supplying products with its motto of delivering it on time at its finest quality.
Shivaay international is always confident about its design and trends. Shivaay international manufactures a range of high quality finely embroidered garments, home decor or embroidery related accessories with exceptional quality. We are always on our toes to fulfil the requirements of our clients with extensive experience and technical knowledge.
We maintain strategic partnerships both domestically and abroad to produce large quantities.
Our motto is creating product at its finest with customers satisfaction.


We have been into garment embroidery industry since 18 years.
Our punctual deliveries have earned us an enviable client base.
Intensive dialogues with our partner clients help us a fully understand the market pulse, making us a force to be reckoned with, in embroidery, garments, accessories and soon in home decor export industry.
From couture to high street we have innovation and understandings in every requirement.


Our vision is to design and create extraordinary products amalgamation of finest material(or embroidery) with right choice of fabric and high end finish.
As we believe in the fact that all we have the right to different and to be smart, this always keep us on the edge of fashion scenario as we are always on our toes to churn out the best of commercial style.
We believe in building trust with our clients, sense of responsibility, respect and transparency.
We balanced between quantity and quality.


Our mission is to satisfy our clients with the most appropriate choices with respect to competitive process existing in the market.
The company is on its way to achieving world class standards of quality, customer services and design through empowered and motivated employees.
We are committed to provide the best quality products at agreed price and timings as per the satisfaction of our client. Shivaay International constantly aims to have a collective approach of being more competitive in the world market and seek government’s attention in more authoritative manner. We have a long way ahead and we believe in our strategy of working and our vision with the emphasis on style, quality and technology we’ve been able to realize a few of our dreams.


Design Specialization

Shivaay international is specialised in hand beading, sequin work, thread work(machine and computerised both), macrame, crochet, custom embroideries.
Our in house design studio sources the experience young talent from the fashion industry and encourages them to flower to their best potential through the open door and broadminded policy. This is the result of the specialization in innovative embroideries and techniques with unique ideas which gave us strength and courage to compete in garment industry.

Shivaay international is specialised in custom technical/functional private label apparel and home decor for popular main brands and major catalogues.

Our Process

Define lifecycle of embroidery initiate to dispatch Innovation, sourcing, research and development, time management and reasonable cost these are the ingredients for 18 years of our success story.

    We focus heavily on R&D, and our design team helps us do that by using the latest Wilcom design software to develop original designs as well as satisfy buyer inquiries.

    The design file is loaded onto our Lässer Schiffli Machines, and with an average speed of 500 rpm, Shivaay International is able to produce more than 2 million stitches a day.

    Shivaay International prides itself of its quality, and we leave no room for error. For that matter, our mending department makes sure every inch of fabric is inspected, before it is sent for finishing.

    Our shearing machine cuts the loose connected threads off the fabric, according to buyer requirement.

    Our goods are inspected once more and then are dispatched in timely fashion in our company vehicle.

Design Punching

We focus heavily on R&D, and our design team helps us do that by using the latest Wilcom design software to develop original designs as well as satisfy buyer inquiries.


We have established a product plant which has ample workplace, adequate light and ventilation.

We have a full-fledged embroidery department which stays up-to date with rapidly changing fashion and to showcase our speciality in embroidery.

We have total 384 heads which can produce 5000pcs per day.

We have designers, skilled and semi skilled workers because quality is our main aim and we take special care to maintain the finest quality and on the other side to maintain it we have adequate machines, space for everything to take place.
We have sampling facilities and also our in-house manufacturing facilities, piece to piece checking of finished products to ensure the best quality output in production. We have upgraded machines to meet the international standards and developments and also to speed up production with ‘zero-defects products’.
It’s a fully complaint factory.





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